Records Redone offers a CHOICE-INVENTORY option available on all of the non-music pieces. You can choose any album from the uncut Inventory and match it with any design available in our shop.  

Simply browse the sorted Inventory using the links below. After choosing your album, find the piece you'd like in the store. Choose "CHOICE-INVENTORY" from the drop-down menu on the product page and enter your choice during checkout. 

Don't see an album you want? Feel free to contact to send an album for cutting or I can search locally or online for an album. 

 Rock Country/Oldies/Jazz
Pop/HipHop/Rap Soundtracks/Comedy/MISC

*Double Albums - Records Redone offers a 50% off coupon for any additional skyline, state or country you'd like to use for the second album of a double album.  (you are welcome to purchase one piece from a double album as well) Contact for your coupon!